Vectrostim Plus

Product Highlights:

LCD screen

Big Bright Graphic LCD screen displaying all Clinical Parameters and Treatment information.

Indication Based

Easy to select list of clinical pathologies for all modalities. User can easily select a condition and start the treatment.


Portable and Light Weight ABS Plastic body – Easy to carry even for home visits.

Quick and Easy

Soft touch buttons and Easy Rotate and Select Encoder Knob for quick and easy operation.


Precise Digital adjustment of Base and Spectrum with 1 Hz Precision.


Ability to change base and spectrum during treatment.


User Memory to store and recall favourite treatment protocols.


Automatic intensity control makes VECTROSTIM very safe to use by avoiding accidental wrong settings of intensity.




Vectrostim Plus is the best IFT machine available in India.
Attractive International Looks and an Extensive list of Indications. Big LCD Display showing all treatment parameters. This machine is very easy to use.
Vectrostim Plus comes with most advanced solid state electronics and latest signal processors which makes it even more better than our most popular Vectrostim 100 machine.
Vectrostim Plus has all the 102 programs (29 IFT, 73 programs in MST and TENS) including 4 Diadynamic current programs programs avaibale in Vectrostim 100 – plus an extensive list of pre-defined indication list. This machine also has Ultra Reiz, Leduc and many other electrotherapy currents.
Vectrostim Plus can be Upgraded to LASERSTIM. To Know more Contact us!

Clinical Pathologies:

IFT: Yes
MST: Yes

Technical Specs (IFT):

Number of Channels:  2 Channels
Maximum Output Current:  0-75mA
Operating Frequency:  2000Hz & 4000 Hz
Base:  0 -150 Hz
Spectrum:  0 -150 Hz
Sweep Patterns:  Triangle/Square/Trapezoidal

Technical Specs (MST & TENS):

Number of Channels: 2 Channels
Maximum Output Current: 0-60mA
Modes: Plain Galvanic, Pulsed Galvanic,
Plain Faradic, Surged Faradic programs,
s-d curve programs, Ionto,
Plain TENS, Surged TENS
Additional currents: Dia Dynamic current & Russian Current
Operating Voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Weight: 3.5 Kgs
Max Power Consumption: 50 Watts

Standard Accessories:

1.  Rubber Electrodes 4 pcs
2.  Patient Cables 2 Pairs
3.  Sponge for Rubber Electrodes 2 pairs
4.  Velcro Straps 3 diff sizes
5.  MST Handle
6.  Ball Electrodes 2 sizes
7.  Plate Electrodes 3 sizes

Download Datasheet Vectrostim Plus


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