General Description

● Standard Microwave Therapy Unit

● Two Types: 1-Channel Type & 2-Channel Type

● Various safety functions equipped.

● Simple start in two steps.

● 2 treatment sounds, 4 ending sounds

● The arms can be freely adjusted.

Simple Operation:

Starting the treatment

1. Set the treatment time by treatment time seting switch.

2. Turn up the output volume to start the treatment.

Finishing the treatment

1. When the timer expires, the treatment is automatically finished.

*Please press the stop button, if you want to finish during the treatment.

Safety Function

1. Over output protection function

When the output exceeds 35% of the rating, the output automatically shuts off.

2. Output zero start

To prevent excessive irradiation, once the position is not returned to the zero position, the irradiation output cannot be adjusted.

3. Magnetron overheat prevention circuit

Even if the cooling fan of the magnetron breaks down, overheating is prevented by the thermostat.

4. Jam radio waves leakage prevention circuit

Even if the microwave from the irradiator is applied to the operation panel, it does not affect the circuit board.


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