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• Compact and light weight
• 6/3-ch recording
• 110 mm roll paper
• 1-ch real time ECG display (2.5” B/W)
• Copy of the last patient data
• Simultaneous 12-ch ECG acquisition
• Membrane alphanumeric key
• Easy paper loading and jamming free
• Built-in rechargeable battery
• Low battery checking

• Real time heart rate (option)
• Pace maker detection (option)
• Real time clock (option)
• PC network interface (option)

Technical Specifications
 Recording System  High resolution thermal head printer with 8 dots/㎜
 Recording Format  6 or 3 channel
 Recoding Paper  110㎜X30m thermal sensitive roll paper
 Recording ECG Leads  12 Standard leads : I,II,III,aVR,aVL,aVF,V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V6
 Non-interpretation  Type 406N
 Interpretation  Type 406R
 Sensitivity  5, 10, 20 ㎜/㎷
 Recording Speed  6, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 ㎜/s
 Recording operation  Automatic / Manual recording
 ECG copy  Reprint for the last patient
 Full disclosure report  Captured ECG trace for 1min. while displaying ECG
 Snap ECG record  Latest signal for 8 sec. while displaying ECG
 ECG Acquisition  Simultaneous 12-leads ECG acquisition
 Alphanumeric data input  ID, age, patient name, hospital name and etc with alphanumeric key
 Frequency response  Filtered:0.5~30㎐/ Unfiltered: 0.05 ~ 150㎐
 Digital filter  Drift, muscle and AC(50/60Hz)
 1mV calibration  Internal 1㎷signal record for frequency and sensitivity response
 A/D conversion  12 bits
 Sampling rate  2 ms
 CMRR  Greater than 100dB
 Input impedance  Greater than 100㏁
 Performance  Comply with AAMI requirements
 Safety  Class I(Degree of protection against electric shock:Type CF applied parts)
 Defibrillator Protection  5000 VDC
 Patient Leakage Current  Less than 10㎂
 A/C power  Free voltage AC 100~240V ±10%, ~50/60㎐
 D/C power  Built-in rechargeable battery (+24V, 700mA/h or 1000 mAh)
 Digital interface  Optional USB port to connect external apparatus
 Heart rate(Option)  30 ~ 200bpm
 PC Network(Option)  ECGdatatransmissiontoPC and saveon PC
 Real time clock(Option)  Date, time
 Arrhythmia detection  Automatic record mode
 LCD(2.5″LCD)  Graphic LCD (64X128dots), Viewing area:30X32.5mm
 Auto power off  After 5 minutes inactivity
 Dimension  313X252X85㎜
 Weight  2.6Kg including rechargeable battery
 Temperature  Operating(+10℃~ +40℃) Storage (-20℃~ +60℃)
 Relative humidity  Operating (+10~+80%) Storage (+10~+90%)
 Atmospheric Pressure  50~106kPa

※Contents and specification subjects change without notice


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