Autotrac – 500 Digital

Product Highlights:


Continuous, Intermittent and special Incremental Mode for Lumbar Traction.

Incremental Mode

Increases Traction force in steps of 5 Kgs during Lumbar Traction to prevent sudden high load to the spine. Also it slowly stretches the spine.

Auto Release Engage

The motor automatically engages to the load once program is started and automatically disengages from the load when the treatment is over. No need to manually engage and release.


Microprocessor based with 0-99 min treatment timer, hold time and rest time controls, audio and visual alarms.

Patient Safety Switch

Patient can switch off the patient safety switch should there be any discomfort. The motor reverses and the cord which is pulling the patient releases automatically. The patient safety switch works on 12 Volts preventing patients from receiving electrical shock.


Digital treatment time display variable in 1 minute. High durability.



Autotrac 500 is an improvised Silent and Powerful Intermittent and Continuous Traction machine. Improved reliability and performance has been achieved using new improvised motor and gear drive. Incremental mode of traction provides smooth increase in traction force for lumbar traction. Auto release engage (new feature) eliminates the need to to engage the patient and release the patient annually
Autotrac 500 can pull load of 5-50 Kgs. Thanks to solid moulded aluminum gear box assembly and high power sturdy motor. The treatment time is electronically controlled and displayed digitally. At the end of treatment time the alarm comes up, traction stops automatically and releases the patient.

Technical Specifications:

Max Traction Force: 50 Kgs
Hold Time: 0 – 99 Secs.
Rest Time: 0 – 99 Secs.
Treatment Time: 0 – 99 Min.
Alarms: Treatment time over &
Patient Safety Switch
Other Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Weight: 15 Kgs
Standard Accessories:
Cervical Collar
Cervical Spreader Bar
Lumbar Belt
Thoracic Belt

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