Thermo 500+


Continuous and pulsed short wave therapy
  • Continuous & pulsed short wave therapy in one device
  • Wide range of pulse frequencies & widths
  • Output automatically tunes with the patient
  • Colour touch screen for use with surgical gloves
  • Clear user interface allows for quick set-up
  • On screen user assistance & pictorial guidance with clinical protocols


The Thermo 500+ is a short wave diathermy device that generates electromagnetic energy for medical application.
The waves penetrate deep into the body and can have thermal and athermal effects. The thermal effect consists of a heating up that considerably improves the circulation. The athermal effect generates cellular effects. Both contribute to strong physiological effects that make the method suitable for application in a wide range of conditions.


  • Chronic musculoskeletal┬ádisorders
  • Acute soft tissue injuries
  • Circulatory complaints


94 x 47 x 47 cm
38 kg
100-240 Vac, 1kVA max, 50/60Hz
27,12 MHz
400 W maximum in Continuous Mode; 1000 W maximum Peak Power in Pulsed Mode
Continuous, Pulsed 1 in 3, 2 in 3 & 3 in 3
BF (EN 60601-1)
20 – 400┬Ás
5 – 800 Pulses Per Second
0 – 30 minutes with termination of output & alarm at end of treatment
Class 1

Download Datasheet Thermo 500+


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