Shockwave Pro 1000

Product Highlights:

First Guidance Based Shockwave

Step by step guidance of all muscle groups to treat

User can modify or skip any step

Automatic selection of applicator

Two Different Applicators

No Need to Change Tips During Treatment.

Easy to use touch interface

Easy to use touch interface

Indications by regions

Exhaustive list of indications

Revision Kit

Lowest Cost per Shock revision Kit in the Market

Each revision Kit delivers 20 Lakhs shocks at an unbelievable low cost

This makes Shockwave Pro-1000 most affordable shockwave in the market

Excellent Service Backup

This best product comes with excellent service backup from Technomed Electronics Team. Buy with Absolute peace of mind.

Call us for a Demo Now! Let our experts show you how this machine works effectively for various conditions.



Shockwave Pro100 is Indias 1st Advanced Pneumatic Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Machine. The most easy to use and extremely effective shockwave machine at a very attractive price brought to you by Technomed Electronics. Call us for a Demo Now!

Myofascial Triggers, Muscle Knots, Taut Bands, Calcific Tendons, Tendinitis, Soft Tissue Adhesion, Triggers in Gluteus, Piriformis and other large group of muscles, IT Band Stiffness and many other conditions can be treated in just 1-3 sittings.

Shockwave Therapy is a great machine even for manual therapists as it saves their hands and also a lot of your energy and time. This fine and effective way to break adhesions is a much needed device in every clinic.

Why Pneumatic Shockwaves are the Best for Physiotherapy?

Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy produce Radial shockwaves. They are called Soft Shockwaves and penetrate deep and effectively without focussing energy at a single point. This is the best and most effective technology used in pain management. Patients feel very comfortable during the treatment and pneumatic shockwaves have much wider range of applications.

Other methods of generating shockwaves employ – Electromagnetic. Piezo Electric and Spark Discharge methods. These shockwaves are focussed waves are essential for ‘surgical’ interventions, but given their destructive nature, they are less appropriate for therapeutic uses. Electromagnetic shockwaves are small table top low cost machines. Eventually they don’t last long and also need frequent maintenance as they heat up. Also the therapeutic efficacy is not comparable to the advanced Pneumatic shockwave machines.

Technical Specifications:

Functional Data

Shock Intensity: 1.0 – 5.0 Bar
Shock Frequency: 1 – 20 Hz
Therapy period 0 – 9999 Shocks
Resolution: Intensity 0.1 Bar
Frequency 1 Hz

Shockwave Applicators

Applicator-1 (TD 20): 20 mm Dia – For Large Group of Muscles

Applicator-2 (TD 15): 15 mm Dia – For Small Group of Muscles

Other Specifications:

Input Voltage: 220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consuption: 800 watts
L x B x H: 17in x 12in x 38in
Weight: 20 Kgs

Download Datasheet SHOCKWAVE-PRO-1000


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